Saturday, August 26, 2006

I finished this painting a couple of weeks ago. It’s oil on plywood and measures roughly 3 ½’ x 4’. There is a story behind it. This is the condensed version.

There was a little bakery where stopped every morning on the way to work. On the wall, just inside the door there hung a calendar; not one with a picture for every month but a single picture for the entire year. The picture intrigued me because it was difficult to tell if it was a photograph or a painting. I’m still not sure.

The bakery owner had no interest in keeping the calendar and gave it to me. I rolled it up and placed it somewhere for safe keeping. This was in 1966.

Recently I found the calendar (or what was left of it) and set about the task of creating a painting. This is the result. It does not have the photographic quality of the original as that was not my intent. Some things have been added, changed or eliminated. The calendar was just a tool.